Friday night @ Komo bar in Guildford

1 December 2017

So Friday 1st December saw our last gig of the year at our favourite hotspot in Guildford, Komo. It did not disappoint! Maybe it was because it’s the first Friday in December and everyone was particularly keen to party to kick off the festive season, or maybe we were spectacularly awesome on that night haha (we like to think that had something to do with it!) but we had an amazing night! It was super rammed and the crowd were, well mental! That’s the only way to describe them really!  Our singer Tasch was a nano second away from crowd surfing at one point! (Maybe next time!!) Big thanks to Eoghan who stepped in to cover bass duties for the night. We had a blast and threw in some new songs as well as some old favs and are sad it’s our last gig there until the new year… But don’t worry, we’ll be back! Come and find us back at Komo in 2018. Happy Christmas everyone hope you have an amazingly festive time!

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